About us

Since 1977 Action Plagiarius aims to inform the public about the problem of fakes and plagiarisms and the negative impacts they have on not only the economy as a whole but especially on small companies and individual designers.

Aims & Success

> Advice and support for creatives and innovators concerning Intellectual Property Rights

> Through our steady PR activitivies we achieved a heightened sensitivity amongst the public for the problem and amongst entrepreneurs and designers for the significance of IP (Intellectual Property) Rights

> We contributed to an improved legal situation, e.g. the Product piracy law of 1990, which includes a prison sentence for imitators of up to 5 years and that distributors of plagiarisms can also be called to account

> The Plagiarius citation has a deterring effect on 5-10% of the imitators (fear of public disgrace)

> Some "prize winners" admit their unethical behaviour and seek a mutual agreement with the original producer (payment of a licence or compensation fee, withdrawal of the product from the market)

Acivities / Services of Action Plagiarius

> Annual Plagiarius competition and award ceremony of the negative prize at the “Ambiente” fair in Frankfurt in form of a press conference

> Plagiarius-Exhibitions and lectures

> Workshops and seminars regarding Intellectual Property / design piracy

> Quarterly newsletter for supporting members of Action Plagiarius

> Legal advice (in cooperation with Lawyer Dr. Aliki Busse, Munich)

> www.designpublisher.com – online-service for the evident publication of new designs